As the team prepares to go…

Every day, starting at day 40, the Guatemala team shares an online devotional together as they prepare their hearts and minds to go to Guatemala. Here’s day 29’s devotion:

Three Things God Says To His Kids

When Jesus came out of the waters of baptism, a voice from heaven proclaimed: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” These words were ringing in His mind and heart as He embarked on the next 40 days of testing in the wilderness and as He began His earthly ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In today’s devotional, you need to hear the Father say these same things over you, so the words will be ringing in your ears as you embark on your mission to the field. If you truly hear this, you will receive the same strength in your soul for the unknown journey ahead and the same power for your ministry.

1) “You are my child.” In the world, it has happened that many men have left a woman whom they made pregnant; he disappears, taking no responsibility. But in the kingdom of heaven, God says, “I will never deny you! I will never shirk responsibility for you! You are MY child. I claim you as My own.” Your identity is wrapped up in whose child you are, and who is your father.

2) “You are my beloved.” Nobody can love you like God can. And He does love you unconditionally, eternally, and with more affection than any earthly parent can possibly bestow.

3) “With you I am well pleased.” Perhaps you have heard the previous two statements before, and have accepted the idea that God loves you and that you are His child. But will you also accept and embrace this third one? “With you I am well pleased.”

You think, “Doesn’t He know where I’ve been? I know my failures, my lack of self-discipline; they are all too much in the forefront of my thinking and awareness.”

God says that you have received His mercy; He sees you through the lens of His Son’s perfect nature. And today, through the lens of the cross and Jesus’ blood, the Father sees the humble one who acknowledges a need for His grace and He says to you

“I am well pleased with you.”

Open your heart and hear it again: “This is my beloved son (or daughter), in whom I am well pleased.

“Before You Go” by Jack Hempfling

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