Cambiando Generaciones (Changing Generations)

Tonight as a group, we were introduced to a new Bethel Ministries employee named Dulce-Rebecca.   Dulce has an incredible story and such a heart for God! After graduating from college and becoming a schoolteacher, Dulce decided to go back to school to study social work.

In addition to her work at the school and with Bethel Ministries, Dulce helps run a group for teens in Guatemala called Changing Generations. This group visits hospitals and orphanages and prays for the people there, as well as the teenagers participating in the program. People in the church criticize the group, saying that as teenagers they cannot make a difference. But they believe that with God anything and everything is possible. And they could not be more right!

After meeting Dulce, we learned that God has given her a desire to open an orphanage. We took the opportunity to pray for her as a group. God is using Dulce to do amazing things here in Guatemala!






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  1. Bobbi Fender says:

    Great opportunity for such a willing 💓.


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