Day 4: Pickin’ Chickens

Tyler’s Chickens

When Bev Snakenberg first learned that she would be visiting Guatemala, she spoke about the trip with the kids involved in the Good News Club at Clear Creek Elementary School. The children had the opportunity to earn “Bible Bucks” by knowing their memory verses, filling up their quiet time book and just coming and participating in the club. With these ‘Bible Bucks’, the children could “purchase” small toy cars and balls to be taken to Guatemala and shared with the children there. A young girl named Charlotte even brought in her own doll to send with the team.

Then one day a young man named Tyler Morlan decided to do something more. Without prompting, Tyler brought in a monetary donation. After much thought and reflection with Bev and Rick Fulton, Tyler decided he wanted to use what he donated to purchase baby chicks to be a blessing for a family in Guatemala.


On our team’s second day in Tecpan, a few of our team members walked to a local store where they purchased 24 baby chicks.





Later that day, the team was able to give this “chirping blessing” to a family whose home they were building. The family welcomed their new fluffy friends by placing them safely into a basket. We hope they will grow up and supply the family with eggs! May the “chirping blessings” increase and bring nothing but joy!




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  1. Linda Ruggles says:

    What a GREAT gift!!!! Cluckers!!! Brilliant idea and fun for this lucky family to watch these chicks grow and give back…kinda like a person of FAITH does…
    Blessings to you all…I imagine your time is flying there. Stay safe.
    Linda Ruggles


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