G2 Day 6: Gafas (Eyeglasses)

by Team Member Megan Lehman

Being in Guatemala has been nothing short of incredible this week! After studying Spanish in college, I was very excited to try out my Spanish language skills with the people we would encounter. God certainly has given me a lot of opportunities to use this skill throughout the week!


Today, I was presented with a challenge from Chris, the Bethel Ministries International leader, who has been working with us all week. During today’s wheelchair distribution we did not have nearly as many translators as we did at the first wheelchair distribution, so I was needed as a translator. To say I was nervous would be an understatement!


Once we got to Santa Cruz for the distribution, we set up the stations for wheelchair fittings and Annette and I set up a table to distribute reading glasses. Our devotion the morning before was about praying continuously throughout the day. So as we set up, I kept praying that God would give me ears to hear and words to say in Spanish so that we could all understand each other.


Once we got going, we quickly had a line! One of the gentlemen from City Hall saw I was struggling to completely understand and called another City Hall employee, Cesar, who is learning English to come assist me and we could not have been a more perfect pair! What he didn’t understand, I did and what I didn’t understand, he did. I am always so encouraged when I can see God answering my prayers, and Cesar was definitely today’s blessing!

When we began packing up, I could not believe it was already time to go. God gave me such an amazing opportunity to make connections with the people of Santa Cruz and the look on their faces when they could read the Bible with their glasses was worth the two-hour drive.

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