You Have the Power of Prayer • Usted Tiene el Poder de Ahorrar

Final reflections by team member Megan Lehman

Our week in Guatemala seems like it was over before I could blink my eyes and so many incredible things happened that it is almost unbelievable. One thing that I learned this week is that there nothing is unbelievable, especially with God.

We visited families and learned about their needs, talked with those we fitted for wheelchairs, poured concrete, built homes and visited children with special needs in an orphanage. During our family visits, we saw multiple people come to Christ. During the concrete pouring and home buildings, we were the recipients of immense generosity from those who had so little to be generous with. We saw God moving constantly in the lives of the Guatemalan people we met!

She looks so excited about that ball!

When preparing to leave Guatemala, I was very excited to be heading home, getting back to my routine and seeing my family. However, I found myself sadder than I could have imagined as we sat at the airport in Guatemala City. We saw God do absolutely incredible things the entire week and it was almost hard to imagine that anything close to what we saw in Guatemala could happen back home. Just because we don’t see God moving in the same ways that we saw Him moving in Guatemala, does not mean He is not performing miracles. I’m looking forward to seeing what God does in my life and the lives of those I love, here, in Iowa.

There were multiple signs that we drove past on the way home from our second wheelchair distribution in Santa Cruz that said, “Usted tiene el poder de ahorrar,” meaning “You have the power of prayer.” Since getting home, I have been praying more and more.

God showed me this week that He can do incredible things, things I could not even imagine, and I cannot wait to see what He does next!

Team Member, Megan Lehman


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  1. Kelly says:

    You are an amazing woman of God! Thank you for sharing your heart. God has such an awesome plan for you and Him together. I believe He has given you a warriors heart for prayer and intersession. Spend some quiet time with Him in your secret place and He will reveal His hearts desires for you. As a sister in Christ I will pray for you for direction and guidance through the Holy Spirit. I see Him smiling down at you .


  2. Sandy Phillips says:

    Great Article!


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