People, Projects, Purpose

People, Projects, Purpose: Part One

by Annette Fulton

It has now been a week since we’ve returned home.

Back to ‘normal’ they say. I hope not.

It may take weeks, months or longer to fully process what we just experienced. I am not referring to the poverty we saw, or the obvious hunger and lack of resources. I am not referring to the physical disabilities with no government support for needed equipment. I am not referring to the cornstalk-walled homes built into the hills or the crop-land appearing upright on the side of a mountain.

What I need to process are the people. Their hearts were visible in their eyes in every interaction we had with them. We saw genuine gratitude in their smiles. We saw relief as they realized the Lord had heard their prayers, and that He had not and would not abandon them. Most of us could only communicate via expressions on our faces, hand signals or hugs. What we felt was much larger than those moments,  the Lord revealed Himself over and over again on this trip.

Much has yet to be written about the ‘God sightings’ that occurred. For some believers, this may feel normal. For me, I hope it will never feel ‘normal’. I hope I always feel that sense of awe as I ponder that God is as much alive today as He was many years ago. Jesus was definitely the Team Leader on this adventure. I am so glad I got to be a part of this.

Part 1 –  People













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