G2 2018: Counting Down the Days to Our Departure!

We are down to less than a week until we head out for our G2 (Grace Guatemala) mission trip!

This is our 2nd mission trip with Grace Community Church. From the great response from the last team,  we quickly assembled a team for this year’s adventure!

Meet the team: We have a 16 member team. Seven are veterans from last year: Rick & Annette Fulton, Mark & Julie Farmer, Megan Lehman, Ingrid Schulte and Richard Trealoff.

We are excited to have nine new team members.  Many are parent/child combinations:  Dawn & Levi Stultz, Natasha & Cameron Miller, Gina & Lydia Holler, Abbi Titus, Michael Brigham and Ken Culp.


Our team will be serving again with Bethel Ministries International, based in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Last year, we served near Chimal in the town of Tecpan.     However, this year, we were needed us to serve in a different area. An area in great need. Salama.


We will be traveling North of Guatemala City to Salama.    

Our week will include four homes to build. These homes will include a metal structure,  cement floor, triple bunk beds, an efficient Onil wood stove. Each home will also have an unattached bathroom and a washbasin called a Pila.

As our team breaks up each day, some will build homes, some will do home visits to help those in need, others will tear out old, bad “stoves”  (basically campfires or barrel stoves),  and install new efficient, vented stoves. The stove team will also install solar panels in some homes.

Another component of our week is the wheelchair distributions. We will participate in two separate days of wheelchair distributions in two separate communities. At each event, we will assist in fitting over 50 people with a free wheelchair.

This is our tentative schedule for the week. We would sincerely appreciate prayer support throughout the week!  Prayers for safety and good health, and prayers that the Lord uses us and allows us to Shine His Light throughout the week!

Wednesday 27th:    Arrive and drive to Salama

Thursday 28th:       group 1 – installing stoves and solar panels,

                                      group 2 – House build

                                       group 3  – Home visits distributing food and clothing

Friday 29th:            Wheelchair distribution

Saturday 30th:       group 1 – installing stoves and solar panels

                                      group 2 – House build

                                      group 3 – Home visits  

Sunday July 1:       group 1 – House build

                                       group 2 – House build, 

                                      group 3 – Home visits

Monday July 2:      wheelchair distribution,  drive to Antigua

Tuesday July 3:   free day in Antigua, then drive to Guatemala City

Wednesday July 4th:     Departure for home

The week is full!  We have a lot of projects!   

We want to thank the many donors who have helped fund our projects!  Although this mission trip is project heavy….homes,  stoves,  wheelchairs, etc.   It’s not about the projects! They are a means to an end. 

These are merely opportunities in which we are able to share the gospel!  This will be my (Rick Fulton) 9th trip serving with Bethel.  I have seen it time and time again, the recipients praising the Lord for that they have received!  Many will accept the Lord for the first time!  We pray that we are effective in our efforts and actions and that we Shine His Light this week.  We know we will help change lives of those we will be serving.  As a team leader, I am also excited to see how the Lord grabs the hearts of our team members as well!    

Thank you for the prayers! 

Dios te Bendiga  (God Bless you)

Rick Fulton


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