G2 2018: The Other Team

The Other Team.   

by Annette Fulton

We are now to the point of final packing. Our lists have been checked, our passports are sitting near the door, and our hearts are excited, anxious and curious about what this trip will hold.

As this team prepares to leave, we cannot move forward without addressing the ‘team’ we are leaving behind…


The donors, the pray-ers, the ones that dropped off shoes, hot wheels, clothing, wheelchairs, crutches…

The many who attended our many food-themed fundraisers at various restaurants…

The Believers…

This trip is not possible without you. Not at all!

Thank you! Thank you for allowing us to connect your prayers, your resources, and your gifts with those in Guatemala. Thank you for giving back to God what He has lavished upon you.

You are part of each family we visit, so they can hear about the Lord, receive food, clothing, and shoes.

You are part of each home we build so they can be more secure, warm, and safe.

You are part of each wheelchair that brings independence and allows the Lord to be witnessed in answered prayers.

We could not be doing this without you. Your generosity is building a bridge for many far away from Iowa to have needs met, and they will know that Jesus did hear their prayers. That God is good. And they will experience a joy that can only come from the Lord.

From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you! We cannot wait to share with you when we return!

Dios Biendiga,  (God Bless You)



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