G2 2018: Naysayers


by Annette Fulton

You know those people… the ones who criticize others, often because of their service and goodwill…. The one’s who judge, or decide what others are doing right, and doing wrong.

That was me.

I was the one who said, “mission trips need to happen in our own area, in our country”. I was the one who said, “Why are we helping others far away when there is so much need in this country”.

I was wrong…

Very wrong.

I didn’t know that 80% of the people in our world live in 3rd world conditions.

Eighty Percent!

I didn’t know that they have no safety nets… no social services, welfare, soup-kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. Their neighbors and families are unable to help, as they are also struggling. I didn’t know they rarely have an opportunity to be educated, as survival comes first.

I didn’t know that the land to build a small home on was so expensive, even by American standards. I didn’t know that the fresh vegetables they tend to in the fields could not be eaten or shared with their family, as it is needed to ship to other 1st world countries. I didn’t know that not all people want to come to America, as if we are more superior to others.

I didn’t know.

That was 2011.

The last 7 years have provided countless God moments and blessings and new friendships and new prayers and answered prayers and…we GET to share our resources with these lovely people. We get too! I am so stinkin’ blessed!!

Very soon, we will again serve the lovely people of Guatemala.

As for the Naysayers who think like I did…I get you. I do. And before you criticize those who are going, and the price of airfare, and that they should just send their money down to help others that way…well, for many, this IS their vacation. This is where their leisure funds are going. Do you tell your friends the same when they go on vacation?

From a recovering Naysayer… Just think about it. Think about those facts…call me… message me. Let’s talk.


It’s okay if you don’t go on mission trips. It’s totally okay! Some are “Goers” and some are “Senders” Do what God is calling you to do.

Ask Him. He will guide you. Don’t ignore Him.

It’s OK if you spend your leisure funds on vacations. It’s totally okay! We all have different ways of serving. Do what God is calling you to do.

Ask Him. He will guide you. Don’t ignore Him.

And despite the immigration issues going on in our country… this is not about that. The people we serve just need help so they can continue to thrive in their beautiful homeland. Not all people want to come to America, but many do want a better life.


Annette – Naysayer to PrayerSayer

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean K says:

    Sister…WORD! Praying for you guys. 🙏🏻


  2. jeanwebsitelogin says:

    Sister… WORD! Praying for you guys. 🙏🏻


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