G2 2018: We made it!

It was a long day!

Annette and I were up at 2 AM, left for the airport at 3 AM!!!

Everyone was on time at the airport at 4 AM!   It was a zoo checking in all those bags!    Quite a bit of shuffling to make the weight limits!! Flights were all on time!

We arrived in Guatemala City around 12:30 PM!  All 26 checked bags and two wheelchairs made it!!!!!

We met up with the Bethel team and headed north in the van, truck and SUV. It took almost 1.5 hours to exit this city of six million. Then to the mountain highways.  Unfortunately, there was a large amount of construction. Our journey took over five hours to reach our destination. We saw immense beauty along the way.

Mountains, rain and we were blessed with a rainbow.

Time for breakfast and off for the day.   One team to build a home, one team to install three stoves the 3rd to do home visits!


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