G2 2018: Day 1. God in the housebuild.

Day 2

by Megan Lehman

This morning, I am starting the day with a devotional while looking at mountains and watching hummingbirds chase each other through the birds of paradise flowers. I am truly in awe of what God has created here in Guatemala.

I think it is fair to say that I ended my day yesterday completely emotionally and physically exhausted. We spent our day building a home, putting together beds, meeting families, and watching God work. With power drill in hand, we got to work on the walls and the ceiling.

At one point in the middle of the day, I felt a complete loss of energy and had to stop working. I walked over to the cooler, grabbed a bottle of water, and as I looked up I spotted Jaime, the man for whom we were building the house. Behind him were his wife and little boy. The thankfulness and love of God were palpable. This was a family that had absolutely nothing and God was giving them a home and a warm bed to sleep in. Just two minutes before I’d been complaining to myself about the heat and how tired I was, things that were not nearly as important as what God was doing right in front of my face. It’s hard to think about without getting emotional.

I finally found my energy again and got back to work. But I am so grateful that God provided that moment, that realization when I needed it most.

Today we are preparing for our first wheelchair distribution in Salama. Last year, the wheelchair distributions were where I saw God move the most and I cannot wait to see what kind of moves He makes today.

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