G2 2018: Making Friends, Praising God, and Giving Out Wheelchairs

by Megan Lehman

Today was our trip’s first wheelchair distribution in the city of Rabinal. We drove just about an hour from Salama and began unloading the truck as soon as we could. Last year, one of my favorite things to do during the wheelchair distributions was hand out reading glasses. It was so much fun seeing the faces light up and I was so excited to have the opportunity to do that again!

I sat down with Ken and prepared to hand out the glasses. I started to get very nervous about being able to understand everything that was said to me, when all of a sudden a young woman from the area, Carmen, came and sat down with me. She introduced herself and sat with us the entire time, helping translate in Spanish and in the Mayan dialect, which I had never heard before. Just when I was worried God gave me relief. Just another reminder that when we have God we have nothing to worry about, something so easy to say but so hard to keep in practice. I’m reminded every day that I’m here that God is good, God is with us, and God provides.

Now, as we sit around the hotel relaxing before we get together for dinner, it is even more clear that God truly had a hand in putting this team together this week together. We have only been here a few days and what is in store for us next is beyond exciting! Next up, more home builds and house visits!

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