G2 2018: Turning the Spanish Off?!

Turning the Spanish Off

by Megan Lehman

As one of the only Spanish speakers on our team, I have been having a great time with the challenge of playing translator. With us this week we have the son of one of the Guatemalan pastors who work for Bethel, Danny. Danny speaks only Spanish, so I find myself attached to him more often than not.

Last night as we were packing up toys in backpacks to hand out at our home visits and builds today, I turned to Danny to talk, speaking in Spanish. And then turned to answer a question that someone asked me…still speaking in Spanish! I didn’t realize it until halfway through the sentence and had to stop and repeat myself. I’m always nervous when I’m here that I’m going to be the only translator that the group is relying on, but God is clearly showing me that He can handle whatever situation I feel unprepared for. And that is something I’m more than grateful to be experiencing.

Thank you, God, for giving me ears to hear in multiple languages!


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  1. Tom says:

    Enjoying the pictures, stories and praying for you all each day.


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