G2 2018: By the Grace of God

 By the Grace of God

by Megan Lehman

Today was our last day in Salama and it’s a complete tornado of emotion. I spent the day with our team doing home visits, meeting some of the people who are living in extreme poverty. We saw children, parents, and grandparents who were living in ways I could not have possibly imagined. We gave love, encouragement, toys, and food, praying that this would meet a need.

On our way back, one of our team members turns and says she doesn’t know how she’s going to be able to walk into her house when she gets home. Why does God give so much to some and so little to others? Why do I have a warm bed to crawl into but these people have dirt floors that turn to mud when it rains?

By the grace of God, I have an incredibly blessed life. And with this blessed life, I know God has intended for me to serve others and serve with as much love as He has shown me. Being here in Guatemala is not an adventure or a tropical vacation. This is a message and a mission. Being part of this team is always a beautiful and fantastic experience.


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