Megan’s Reflections

By Megan Lehman

The time is here. We are on our first flight of the day, back to Atlanta. I cannot believe this week came and went so fast! We saw God move in amazing ways.

My mom reminded me of a story not long before we left for Guatemala. In high school, I was determined to take both band and orchestra class, but my mom would not allow me to do that. Instead, I did as she requested and signed up for Spanish class, kicking and fighting the whole way. But now, with nine years of Spanish education under my belt, I truly believe this was God’s plan for my Spanish language skills to be used for His mission. I spent most of this trip as a translator and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

Looking back and reflecting on this week, I am able to see so many different ways in which God was sovereign over the week. We had just enough cookies to hand out at our first wheelchair distribution. We had so many extra wheelchairs on our second distribution that we were able to serve the people who just stopped in. God built this team and God made what we did this week possible.  

Last night, I sat on the balcony of our hotel in Guatemala City and just felt my heart breaking for the people we were leaving behind and the situations they are still in.  It just feels like there is so much more we can be doing. And that is why we continue to support Bethel Ministries International. One way we plan on doing this is by getting together once a month to make different items, like blankets, hats, and scarves that we can send to Bethel. We ask that you continue to support Bethel too. One way you can do that is through your prayers. Pray for the people they serve and pray for the missionaries who pour themselves out every day.  

One week in Guatemala just doesn’t feel like enough. My continued prayer is that God will give us more means, more opportunity, and more ways to serve. 

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