G3 2019: Grace Guatemala



The Guatemala Grace 2019 Team!

We’d like to introduce you to the Guatemala Grace Team for 2019.

Team members are:
Megan Lehman,

Ingrid Schulte,

Dawn & Tim, Levi, Andrew & Jesse Stultz,

Darlene & Seth Morlan,

Chuck & Ema Miller,

Joshuah Abdo,

Matt Eisenhammer,

and Rick Fulton


Our trip dates are Monday, July 22nd – Monday, July 29th , 2019.

We are 40 days from departure!

We will be serving alongside Bethel Ministries International, traveling to the Salama region of Guatemala. Our physical projects include two separate days of wheelchair distributions, (50 chairs each day), 2 house builds, many stove builds (besides the homes we build), and building bunk beds, clothing, food distributions, and home visits to discover needs.

Those are the ‘physical projects’. Those are projects we have been doing fundraisers for. Thank YOU! The funds you have donated are oh, so important, and we still need to raise a bit more before we depart.

The ‘other work’ on this trip is of the spiritual nature. It is where God reveals himself to those we are serving… when they get to sleep on something other than the floor… they thank Jesus… when the food bag provides supplies for a few weeks… they thank Jesus… when they receive a wheelchair, and don’t have to crawl or have a family member carry them… they thank Jesus. And, if they don’t know about Jesus… they will certainly hear about His Grace through the missionaries and these projects and distributions.

BUT, God isn’t waiting until July 22nd to show His presence… this team is fully aware that God has been revealing Himself the moment they said ‘Yes… send me’. We have amazing testimonies to share with you; from finding the funds to go when they thought that would be their biggest hurdle,   from realizing God had this trip planned when they were discouraged in taking Spanish many years ago,   to baking rolls and making meals to raise support, etc.  We also have past team members who are finding ways to serve Guatemala in awesome new ways… from roasting coffee, to searching for wheelchairs, to donating funds, etc. These team members haven’t forgotten, and although they are not on the current team, their hearts are led to do more.  That is the Lord working!  That is the movement of the Holy Spirit in real ways. Lives are changed in Guatemala. Lives are changed going to Guatemala.

And, we have many who have never traveled to Guatemala but support the mission in other big ways. Our prayer warriors make a BIG difference, our financial supporters make a big difference, and our friends who go pick up wheelchairs make a big difference.

YOU are all part of Team Guatemala!

Thank you! Praise Jesus and Dios de Bendiga!

Follow along and join us on this journey. We can’t wait to share more with you!

Team member photos are below.    We hosted a picnic at the Fulton Pond as a team gathering.    We had the entire team there….but we didn’t get a group photo.

Meet the team:

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