Meet our first home-build family



Each time we travel to Serve with Bethel Ministries,  in advance of the trip they send us a bio of each family that we will build homes for.

I always love this advance information.  This provides the team the opportunity to pray for the family.  It also provides us the opportunity to gather specific items for the family, like soccer balls for boys,  jump ropes and coloring books for the little ones.   It is also good to have backpacks for each of the kids with some school supplies.    One time in the past,  it provided us the opportunity to find and take a wheelchair with us for the little girl in the home.




Ceferina Ich is 33 years old and lives in Sector Los Cerritos, Salamá.   She  occasionally works washing and ironing clothes for people. Ceferina is married to Carlos Tun who works recollecting garbage. Combined their income doesn’t not exceed $213 a month

The couple has three children: Henry Mauricio (12) studies fifth grade; Yesenia Nohemi (10) is studying fifth grade, and   the youngest, Luisa Fernanda, who is four years old.

The family lives in a land that with much effort has finished paying. However, their home is in very poor conditions, is made of plastic and scrap metal walls,   a scrap metal roof and a dirt floor. The land doesn’t have water or a bathroom, and they only have two beds in very bad conditions.

Life   for this family has been very hard, and the most affected are the  children due to they don’t have a comfortable and safe place where to live.

Bethel could easily see their hard living conditions and their great need to have a new home. The family is very grateful for the great gift they will soon receive.

This is their current home and kitchen facility

Upon getting this bio, the family looked familiar.  It is because we were actually planning to build them a home last year.  When the local trucker delivered the rock and sand to the wrong home site,  the family at that location tore down their shack.  So,  a different family received a new home.   Apparently God had the receiving family in line for the new home last year.  So, this family will finally receive their new home.

A huge praise:

Something important to notice about this family is that they have a father  in the household!  In our experience, it is fairly common for Bethel to help single mothers through being widowed or abandoned.    I especially enjoy helping a family with a dad around.   We intentionally to build these men up as much as we can, encouraging them to continue living their lives for God and taking care of their families.   It is very empowering for the dad to physically build a beautiful home for his family!  Praise God for the opportunity to meet these families and for the chance to help meet their needs.




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