Meet our second home-build family

Dora Alicia Pérez is 31 years old and has been a single mother for seven years now. She was a domestic violence victim for many years, until she decided to end with that abusive relationship. Currently, she works cleaning  houses, and washing and ironing clothes for other people, making approximately $74 a month.

Her children are: Luis David Ixchaj (12) studies sixth grade, and Sara Alicia Ixchaj (7) in second grade.

In spite of the bad economic situation  of the family, Dora  has been working hard to try to provide for her children, but therehave been many times  where there is nothing to eat. Many times, Dora’s parents and siblings help them with some food, and also the church where Sonia attends help them with   some food  items.

The family is living in a  house very deteriorated made  of wood planks, plastic and scrap metal. The land doesn’t have a bathroom, a  wash station or  electricity.

Dora is a hard worker who has been doing everything possible to move forward and raise her children on her own, being this work so hard for her. However, Dora’s desire is to give her children a better standard of living and a better place where they can stay safe and warm during the rainy season.

Thanks to God,  Dora and her children will be benefited with the construction of a house, and they are very happy because they will soon receive a better place to live.

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