How Sweet it is!


by Darlene Morlan

This is the first mission trip for my son and I.   We decided on this because the Lord laid it in our son’s heart to go on a mission trip, but  it was also a time that we could go.

As we have prayed and asked the Lord help us financially,  HE has blessed us with amazing abundance!
God showed us to use the ordinary and creative gifts we had to fundraise. We were able to team up with some amazing friends to host several 3 -5 Course meal  fundraiser dinners.   We had friends host the meal in their homes and we teamed up to invite people to enjoy in a beautiful meal my husband made and guests came to a table that was decorated with wine glasses and flowers.
We also were able to bake dozens of  sweet rolls for a fundraiser that people were so generous to give extra to as well!
We have been blessed to have come along side Mission: Mobility and Bethel Ministries International to serve in a cause that blesses Guatemala and blesses the missionary serving as well, we are able to see our GREAT God work in our lives raising money and opening doors in relationships to encourage the BIG church that He has all over the world!

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