And we’re off!

by Rick Fulton

The day started early on Monday July 22!

We met at the airport at 4 am to accommodate the 2 hour grace prior to departure.  UGH!    That put us leaving Crawfordsville around 1:30, so we could pick up Megan on the way in.   Everyone was there on time and excited to head out to see what God has in store for the week!

We had 21 checked bags! (14 of them were FILLED to capacity with DONATIONS) .  Plus we each had backpacks and carryon bags with our personal items.   And,  we had one wheelchair that we checked.   We do this to get another chair to Bethel to be able to distribute!

Our flight to Atlanta was good and arrived  15 minutes EARLY!   After an hour and a half layover,  we made our next flight to Guatemala City.    It arrived at our destination ON TIME around 12:15.

Upon getting all our luggage  (IT ALL ARRIVED),  we breezed through customs without a hitch!  PRAISE GOD!

Waiting for us in the parking area were our hosts for the week.   Ben, and Emily Mooney and their sweet 8 month old Lilly,  and Saul Chopin (Ben’s brother in Law) .

We loaded the mountain of bags on the roof of the van and ventured north!

The trip went much more smoothly than last year.   We arrived after a 5 hour trip.  (8 last year due to construction and heavy rain) .    We had a great welcoming committee….Nick and Izzy Frey (Bethel) ,  and our good friend from Guatemala,  Danny Macario who joined our team for the week.    We loved his sign that greeted us!


It was nice to be able to get to the hotel in the daylight,  and grab dinner.   We then settled in and organized our donations to prepare for the week.

God is Good!   He gave us a great day of travel!    The team is all  fired up and ready to hit the ground tomorrow!

Tomorrow,  Wheelchair distribution #1.

Can’t wait!


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