A home for the Lord


by Josh Abdo

After today we are now halfway through our time in Guatemala. The joy and purpose we have in being here is also paired with tiredness as we spend many hours each day on our feet. This morning our team was encouraging one another to persevere and be faithful to our mission.

We recalled Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” In God’s kindness, He has allowed us to see many immediate ‘harvests’ this week – the bright smiles on people’s faces; the thankfulness they express as they receive a new wheelchair, stove, or home; and above all new lives given to Christ!

There are also long-term harvests that we are praying for but likely will not see ourselves: lives transformed into disciples, churches grown, and new missionaries raised up. We hope that the local church and missionaries in Guatemala – Ben, Emily, Nick, Izzy, Saùl, and others – will see this harvest themselves. Our team reminded one another to not forget our role in the harvest – the Lord calls some to plant, some to water, and some to harvest. Whatever our role, may we do our part faithfully.

Today, we broke into three teams – one to build a home, one to install stoves, and one to do local home visits. As the day wrapped up, we all gathered at the home build to witness the final touches and celebrate the giving of the new home to the family!

It was incredible. We received a biography of this family about a month ago (single mother with two children and a disabled brother). To see them in person now and to meet them and hug them was amazing. We had been praying for them, collecting funds for them, and now finally meeting them.

We decorated their home with balloons and streamers, placed sheets and blankets on the new beds, and welcomed the family to come in and see! We will never forget the look on their faces at the first sight. Overwhelmed, the mother began to weep. One of our team members embraced her for a long time as she finally managed to wipe her tears and speak.

Ben Mooney, the director of Bethel Ministry International whom we are serving with, addressed the mother and her two kids: “This is your new house. Time to make this house a home. But make sure it’s not just any home. Make it a home of the Lord. When you rise each morning in this home, commit to seeking Him and teaching your children to love the Lord in this home.” Amen.

Please pray that this family would personally know and believe the Living Hope that is theirs in Jesus (1 Peter 1:3-5).

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