G2 2018: videos from the week

It was a busy week.    We have stories, photos and videos to share.   Sometimes a video gives a better view at how things went.

I had a lot of fun with a GoPro, recording in real time and time lapse.

Each day we had to the trucks with the materials to build homes, and distribute clothes.


Wheelchair day #1 we had to unload the chairs from the Bethel truck.

This is a time lapse video of our first distribution.   52 wheelchairs in 40 seconds.

Our first Stove build/ solar installation day included an extensive hike!   Saul from Bethel stated it was likely the most grueling he had experienced to date.   The hike to the first  install is comprised of 2 videos.   It was a beautiful landscape!

Our first destination after the climb….

Time lapse of the stove build.

Our hike to the next stove build. (Time lapse slowed down)

The last video is a time lapse of building the bathroom, then the home.   The battery ran out, so the completed home is not seen.   Sorry.

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